May 2020

Financial Aid

Comparing California Student Aid Commission Spending Proposals Under Governor's Budget and May Revision

2020-21 (In Millions)

  Governor's Budget May Revision Change
Local Assistancea      
Cal Grant adjustments $97.2 $68.8 -$28.4
Middle Class Scholarship adjustments 6.8 6.8
Other program adjustments -0.5 -0.6 b
State Operations      
New leased space $0.9 -$0.9
New positions 0.8 0.6 -0.1c
Subtotals ($98.3) ($75.6) (-$22.7)
State Operations      
Golden State Teacher Grant Programe $0.0 $15.0 $15.0
Grant Delivery System modernization 5.3 5.3
Student loan outreach 5.0 0.5 -4.5
Relocation costs 0.9 -0.9
Subtotals ($11.2) ($20.8) ($9.6)
Totals $109.6 $96.4 -$13.2
a Adjustments are relative to 2019-20 caseload as reflected in Governor's January budget.
b Less than $50,000.   
c The May Revision reduces the Governor's January proposal to fund activities required under the National Voter Registration Act by $145,000.
d The May Revision also rescinds a total of $103 million in one-time 2019-20 state General Fund ($88 million for the Golden State Teacher Grant Program and $15 million for the Child Savings Account Grant Program). It includes a budget control section that would trigger off the Golden State Teacher Grant Program reduction were the state to receive sufficient additional federal relief funding.
e The May Revision proposes using $15 million federal Individuals With Disabilities Education Act funding for this purpose on a one-time basis.