May 2020

Community Colleges

Comparing CCC Proposition 98 Spending Proposals Under Governor's Budget and May Revision

2020-21 (In Millions)

  Governor's Budget May Revision Change
COLA for apportionmentsa $167 b -$167
Enrollment growthc 32 b -32
Apprenticeship instructional hours 28 b -28
COLA for select student support programsd 22 -22
California Apprenticeship Initiative 15 b -15
Food pantries 11 -11
Immigrant legal services 10 $10
Dreamer resource liaisons 6 -6
Instructional materials (dual enrollment) 5 -5
Apportionments -593b -593
Apportionments deferrale -332 -332
CCC Strong Workforce Program -136b -136
K-12 Strong Workforce Program -79b -79
Student Equity and Achievement Program -69b -69
Adult Education Program -54b -54
System Support program -19b -19
Part-time faculty programs -7b -7
Calbright College -3b -3
Academic Senate b,f f
   Subtotals ($296) (-$1,282) (-$1,578)
One Time      
Work-based learning initiative $20 b -$20
Faculty diversity fellowships 15 -15
Part-time faculty office hours 10 -10
Zero-Textbook-Cost Degrees 10 -10
Deferred maintenance 8 -8
   Subtotals ($63) ($0) (-$63)
Other -$28 $7 $35
Totals $330 -$1,275 -$1,605
a The statutory COLA rate was estimated at 2.29 percent in January and revised to 2.31 percent in May. The May Revision notwithstands the statutory COLA provision.
The May Revision includes a budget control section that would backfill these reductions were the state to receive sufficient additional federal relief funding. The reductions total $1.2 billion. All but $20 million is associated with ongoing programs. 
c Enrollment growth was proposed at 0.5 percent in January. The May Revision rescinds that proposal.
d Applies to the Adult Education Program, apprenticeship programs, CalWORKs student services, campus child care support, Disabled Students Programs and Services, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, and mandates block grant. Same COLA rate as for apportionments.
e Moves April/May payments to the next fiscal year (2021-22). Amount shown is in addition to the $330 million in May/June deferrals initiated this year.
f Reduction of $253,000.