July 2020

California State Library

Changes in California State Library General Fund Spending

2020-21 (In Thousands)

Ongoing Changes
California Library Services Act Reflects a 52 percent base reduction in state support for library cooperative systems, which focus on resource sharing among participating libraries. The reduction returns ongoing state funding for the program to the level it received from 2012-13 through 2015-16. -$1,750
Braille Institute of America Helps fund the institute's library services for patrons with visual impairments. The institute serves Southern California, while the California State Library serves patrons in the rest of the state. The institute has received state funding most years since 1978-79. 500
CENIC contract Reflects General Fund backfill resulting from a decrease in the amount available from the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) for the CENIC contract. The projected CTF reduction is due to a decision by the California Public Utilities Commission to no longer use CTF to discount state broadband surcharges. 170
Other adjustments Primarily reflects an increase in federal reimbursements for state government overhead costs. -61
Subtotal   (-$1,141)
One-Time Adjustments
Local assistance Adjusts for one-time funds provided in 2019-20. -$21,130
State operations Adjusts for one-time funds provided in 2019-20. -974
Subtotal   (-$22,104)
Total Changes   -$23,245
Local assistance   -22,710
State operations   -535
CENIC = Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California.