January 2021

California State Library

Changes in California State Library General Fund Spending

Reflects Governor's Budget Proposals (In Thousands)

2020-21 Revised Spending $31,278
Ongoing Changes  
Local assistance  
Zip Books $1,000
Lunch at the Library 800
Increased CENIC costsa 500
State operations (various adjustments) 820
Subtotal ($3,120)
One-Time Initiatives  
Local assistance  
Early learning and after school programs $5,000
Mobile library grants 3,000
Carryover from 2018-19 broadband initiative 1,303
Subtotal ($9,303)
Remove 2020-21 one-time funding -$300
Total Changes $12,123
2021-22 Proposed Spending $43,401
a The Governor's budget also provides $300,000 in one-time General Fund for this purpose in 2020-21.
CENIC = Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California.