January 2021

Proposition 98 Overview

2021-22 Changes in Proposition 98 Spending

(In Millions)

Revised 2020-21 Proposition 98 Spending  $82,828
Technical Adjustments  
Prior-year one-time spending -$2,618
LCFF Adjustments 74
K-12 categorical programs (declining attendance) -48
Other adjustments 69
Subtotal -$2,523
Proposition 98 Reserve deposit (one time) $2,241
K-12 Education  
Deferral paydown(one time) $2,695
LCFF growth and COLA (3.84 percent) 1,991
Preschool-aged children with disabilities 300
COLA for select categorical programs (1.5 percent)b 88
Mental health services incentive grants  25
Paradise Unified hold harmless funding (one time) 4
Other 4
Subtotal $5,107
California Community Colleges  
COLA for apportionments (1.5 percent) $111
Student basic needs (one time) 100
Deferral paydown(one time) 81
Student mental health and technology 30
Enrollment growth (0.5 percent) 23
Faculty professional development (one time) 20
Work-based learning (one time) 20
Zero-textbook-cost degrees (one time) 15
California Apprenticeship Initiative 15
COLA for select categorical programs (1.5 percent)d 14
Online education and support block grant 11
CENIC broadband 8
Instructional materials for dual enrollment students (one time) 3
Adult Education Program technical assistance 1
AB 1460 implementation/anti-racism initiatives (one time) 1
Subtotal $453
Total Changes $5,277
2021-22 Proposition 98 Spending $88,105
a Governor's proposal also includes a deferral paydown of $4.6 billion in 2020-21.
b Applies to special education, state preschool, child nutrition, K-12 mandates block grant, services for foster youth, and American Indian early childhood education.
c Governor's proposal also includes deferral paydowns of $145 million in 2019-20 and $901 million in 2020-21.
d Applies to the Adult Education Program, apprenticeship programs, CalWORKs student services, campus child care support, Disabled Students Programs and Services, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, and mandates block grant.
LCFF = Local Control Funding Formula. COLA = Cost of Living Adjustment.
CENIC = Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California. AB = Assembly Bill.