January 2022


Changes in University of California General Fund Spending

Reflects Governor's Budget Proposals, 2022-23 (In Millions)

Ongoing Changes 
Base increase (5 percent) $201
Resident undergraduate enrollment growth (3.1 percent)a 68
Nonresident enrollment reduction planb 31
Foster youth programs 6
UC Davis Firearm Violence Center 2
Graduate medical education 1
Subtotal ($308)
One-Time Initiatives
Climate initiatives  
Seed and matching grants for applied research $100
Regional climate technology incubators 50
Regional workforce and training hubs 35
Deferred maintenance and energy efficiency projects 100
UC San Francisco Dyslexia Center 10
Subtotal ($295)
Total $603
a Reflects growth of 6,230 full-time equivalent (FTE) students over the 2020-21 level.
b In 2022-23, UC would reduce its nonresident undergraduate enrollment at three campuses (Berkeley, Los Angeles, and San Diego) by a total of 902 FTE students. It would backfill these slots with the same number of additional resident undergraduate students (equating to further growth of 0.5 percent).