January 2022

California State Library

Changes in California State Library General Fund Spending

Reflects Governor's Budget Proposals (In Thousands)

Ongoing Changes 
State Operations  
Library and Courts Building rental payments $2,179
Digitization of state agency resources (9 positions) 1,338
Lunch at the Library oversight (2 positions) 314
Technical adjustments -45
Local Assistance  
Lunch at the Library $4,686
Broadband costs 179
Subtotal ($8,651)
One-Time Initiatives
State Operations  
Digitization equipment $12,692
Local Assistance  
Online job training programs $8,800
Disaster preparedness for cultural resourcesa 2,387
Subtotal ($23,866)
Total $32,530
a Represents second year of four-year funding plan initiated as part of the 2021-22 budget agreement.