July 2022

Community Colleges

Total Changes in California Community Colleges Proposition 98 Spending

2020-21 Through 2022-23 (In Millions)

Ongoing Spending  
Core Operations  
Appportionments base increases (beyond COLA) $600
Apportionments COLA (6.56 percent) 493
Enrollment growth (0.5 percent) 27
Student Success Completion Grantsa $250
Part-Time Faculty Health Insurance Program 200
COLA for select categorical programsb 64
Extended Opportunity Programs and Servicesc 35
NextUp foster youth program 30
Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement program 26
California College Promise grant expansion (to returning students) 25
Cybersecurity 25
Disabled Student Programs and Services 25
Student Equity and Achievement Program 25
Apprenticeship program (credit rate) 20
Student basic needs 20
Rising Scholars Network 15
Classified Employee Summer Assistance Program 10
Equal Employment Opportunity program 10
Financial aid administration 10
AANHPI Student Achievement Program 8
Puente Project 3
A2MEND program 1
Umoja program 1
Foster parent education program 1
   Subtotal ($1,923)
One-Time Initiatives  
Facilities maintenance and instructional equipment $841
Kern CCD new California Renewable Energy Center 50
Riverside CCD Technical Trade Center land acquisition 33
Cerritos College new student services building 16
College of the Redwoods new allied health education center 10
Los Angeles Mission College new biotechnology facility 10
Chaffey College new academy training facility 4
Los Angeles Valley College new Valley Academic and Cultural Center 1
Taft College vocational center equipment 1
COVID-19 block grant $650
Student enrollment and retention strategies 150
Health care pathways for English learners 130
Common course numbering implementation 105
Cybersecurity 75
Transfer reform implementation 65
Equitable Placement and Completion Grant Program 64
California Healthy School Meals Pathways Program 45
Hire Up Pilot Program 30
Native American Student Support and Success Program 30
Intersegmental pathways portal 25
Emergency financial assistance for AB 540 students 20
Merced College Agri-food Technology and Engineering Workforce Collaborative support 15
San Bernardino CCD television partnership 15
Los Angeles CCD California Center for Climate Change Education operations 5
American River College veterans resource center 3
Irvine Valley College veterans resource center 3
San Diego Miramar College veterans resource center 3
Riverside CCD Military Articulation Platform 2
Los Rios CCD Prison and Reentry Education Program support 2
College of the Redwoods nursing program development 1
De Anza College Asian Pacific American Leadership Institute support 1
Umoja program study --e
   Subtotal ($2,401)
Total $4,325
a Consists of $50 million for a caseload adjustment and $200 million to double the current award amounts.
b Applies to the Academic Senate, Adult Education Program, CalWORKs student services, campus child care support, Disabled Students Programs and Services, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, mandates block grant, part-time faculty compensation, and part-time faculty office hours.
c Includes $10 million for Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education, a program within Extended Opportunity Programs and Services for single parents.
d For facilities maintenance and instructional equipment. A total of $630.5 million is scored as excludable spending under the State Appropriations Limit (SAL). The amounts listed for the campus-specific facilties projects are all excluded from SAL.
e Reflects $179,000.  
COLA = cost-of-living adjustment. AANHPI = Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander. A2MEND = African American Male Education Network and Development. CCD = community college district. AB = Assembly Bill.