September 2022

California State Library

Changes in California State Library General Fund Spending

2022-23 (in Thousands)

Ongoing Spending 
State Operations  
Library and Courts Building rental payments $2,179
Digitization of state agency resources (9 positions) 1,338
Replacement of federal funds for state operations (8 positions) 1,091
Online database subscriptions 570
General administrative support (3.5 positions) 363
Outreach to local libraries (3 positions) 335
Lunch at the Library program oversight (2 positions) 314
Technical adjustments -45
Local Assistance  
Lunch at the Library $4,686
Broadband cost increase 179
Subtotal ($11,010)
One-Time Initiatives 
State Operations  
Digitization of state agency resources $12,692
Local Assistance  
Statewide Imagination Library $68,200
Infrastructure grantsa 50,000
Chula Vista Cinematic Arts Library 25,000
San Diego Oak Park Library construction 20,000
TUMO Center for Creative Technologies in Los Angeles 14,250
Online job training and workforce development 10,200
Sierra Madre Library 10,000
Glendale Central Library capital outlay and maintenance 6,095
Placentia Central Library seismic retrofit 5,000
Ethnic media grants 5,000
Santa Rosa Roseland community library construction 5,000
Chula Vista new library land and entitlement acquisition 5,000
San Diego Ocean Beach Library expansion 4,500
New Downey Family YMCA 3,000
Dos Palos Library construction and Del Hale Hall community center rehabilitation 3,000
Holocaust Library renovaton 3,000
Elk Grove Library infrastructure improvements 3,000
Disaster preparednessb 2,387
San Diego Hillel Center construction 2,000
San Diego City University Community Branch Library expansion 1,900
San Diego City San Carlos Library project, Phase 1 1,500
San Gabriel Asian Youth Center 1,500
San Mateo Public Library, Marina Branch Library reconstruction 1,300
Chinese Historical Society Infratructure Improvements 850
Latino Legacy Foundation multimedia online book project 500
Irwindale Public Library infrastructure improvements 500
Placentia Library District Bookmobile Reading Engine Adventures program 400
Subtotal ($265,774)
Total $276,784
State Operations 18,837
Local Assistance 257,947
a Budget package also provides $100 million for this initiative in 2023-24.
b Reflects second year of initiative, providing $9.5 million over a four-year period.