January 2023

Financial Aid

Changes in California Student Aid Commission General Fund Spending

Ongoing and One-Time Spending (In Millions)

2022-23 Budget Act $3,154
Ongoing Spending  
Cal Grant baseline adjustments -$210
Other financial aid program adjustments -2
Employee compensation adjustments 1
Subtotal (-$210)
One-Time Initiatives  
Golden State Teacher Grants $49a
Subtotal ($49)
Total -$161
2022-23 Revised Spending $2,993
Ongoing Spending  
Cal Grant baseline adjustments -$10
New positions (state operations) 1b
Other financial aid program adjustments c
Subtotal (-$9)
One-Time Initiatives  
Middle Class Scholarship augmentation $226d
Golden State Teacher Grants 49e
Cybersecurity activities (state operations) 1
Subtotal ($276)
Remove 2022-23 one-time funding -$455
Carryover funds 10
Total -$178
2023-24 Proposed Spending $2,815
a The Governor's budget shifts some program spending from 2021-22 to 2022-23, bringing the revised spending level in 2022-23 to $147 million.
b Consists of $469,000 for 2 cybersecurity positions, $121,000 for a human resources position, $120,000 for high school toolkits, and a reduction of $45,000 due to adjustments in employee compensation costs.
c Less than $500,000.
The 2022-23 budget agreement included intent to provide these funds.
The 2021‑22 Budget Act appropriated $500 million to be spent annually from 2021‑22 through 2025‑26. The amount shown reflects anticipated spending in 2023-24. The administration intends to correct this to $98 million at the May Revision to align with program estimates.