July 2023

California State Library

Changes in California State Library General Fund Spending

2023-24 (In Thousands)

Ongoing Changes  
State Operations  
Witkins State Law Library (4 positions)a $462
California History Room special collections (3 positions) 357
State Library Audit Program (1 position) 168
Technical adjustments 19
Fund swap (shift General Fund to the Central Service Cost Recovery Fundb) -664
Local Assistance  
Broadband costs $53
Subtotal ($395)
One-Time Changes  
State Operations  
California History Room special collections (acquisitions) $240
Local Assistance  
Carryoverc $506,030
Army Specialist Jesus S. Duran Eastside Library Project 4,500
Kinmon Gakuen (Golden Gate Institute) 4,500
Disaster preparedness for cultural resourcesd 2,387
A New Day Foundation for program support and new materials 1,200
Los Angeles County Norwood Library 1,000
Los Angeles County Library programming and services 500
Chinese Cultural Center in San Francisco: Renovation of 665-9 Grant Ave. 500
Chinese Cultural Center in San Francisco 500
City of San Diego library materials 500
City of Anaheim Haskett Branch Library 300
Fairy Tale Town capital improvements 200
City of Coronado Library 150
San Diego Foundation for the National Rainbow College Fund 70
Little Italy Association for Piazza Costanza, the Margaret "Midge" Costanza Memorial Project 55
Back out one-time 2022-23 spending -265,854
Subtotal ($256,778)
Total $257,173
a Includes absorbing costs for two positions currently funded by the Law Library Special Fund.
b Action taken to ensure that the correct fund source is paying for central services.
c Reflects carryover from various appropriations originally made in 2021-22. Specifically, consists of carryover from local library infrastructure grants ($439 million), internet upgrades ($35 million), English as a Second Language Services ($14 million), the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies ($9 million), the California Civil Liberties Public Education Act ($5 million), and outreach grants to ethnic media programs ($4 million).
d Represents third year of four-year funding plan initiated as part of the 2021-22 budget agreement.