July 2023

Community Colleges

State Converts CCC Student Housing Grants to Revenue Bonds

Non-Proposition 98 General Fund (In Millions)

  Project Costa
CCC Projects Approved in 2022-23b 
Fresno City College $34.1
College of the Siskiyous $32.6
Ventura College $62.9
Sierra College $80.5
Napa Valley College $31.0
Santa Rosa Junior College $15.0
Consumnes River College $44.1
Compton College $80.4
Lake Tahoe CCD $39.4
Bakersfield College $60.2
College of the Canyons $61.9
Imperial Valley Collegec $4.6
Subtotal ($546.7)
CCC Projects Approved in 2023-24b 
Cabrillo Collegec $111.8
Riverside City Collegec $75.0
Merced Collegec $50.0
San Diego City College $75.0
Cerritos College $68.0
College of San Mateo $55.9
College of the Redwoods $28.4
Subtotal ($464.1)
Total $1,010.7
Debt Service $78.5
a Reflects state cost. Some projects supplement state funds with campus reserves or nonstate funds.
b The 2023-24 budget package rescinds upfront one-time General Fund cash for CCC student housing projects. Community colleges may issue local revenue bonds for all projects the state approved in 2022-23 and 2023-24.
c Reflects an intersegmental project involving a university campus.
d Reflects an ongoing General Fund augmentation intended to cover colleges' cost of borrowing (principal plus interest).