January 2018

K-12 Education

2018-19 Changes in K-12 Proposition 98 Spending

(In Millions)

Revised 2017-18 K-12 Proposition 98 Spending $66,557
Technical Adjustments  
Make Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) adjustments $122
Make other adjustments 49
Adjust categorical programs for 0.3 percent decline in attendance -19
Remove prior-year one-time spending -1,802
Subtotal (-$1,650)
Provide early education expansion grants (one time) $125
Increase Standard Reimbursement Rate by 3 percent 32
Provide 2.51 percent cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) 28
Add 2,959 full-day slots starting April 1, 2019 8
Subtotal ($193)
K-12 Education  
Fully implement LCFF $2,883
Provide per-student discretionary grants (one time)a 921
Provide 2.51 percent COLA for some categorical programsb 106
Fund county and regional support for low-performing districts 70
Augment funding for Charter School Facility Grant program 28
Support the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence 7
Support Southern California Regional Occupational Center (one time) 3
Provide additional funding for Student Friendly Services 1
Subtotal ($4,018)
Total Changes $2,502
2018-19 Proposition 98 Spending $69,118
a Budget appropriates a total of $1.8 billion for this purpose, including $504 million from 2017-18 funds, $200 million from unspent prior-year funds, $89 million from settle-up (scored as a Proposition 2 debt payment), and $43 million from 2016-17 funds.
b Applies to special education, preschool, child nutrition, mandates block grant, services for foster youth, adults in correctional facilities, and American Indian education.