January 2018

Higher Education

2018-19 Changes in California Community Colleges Proposition 98 Spending

(In Millions)

2017-18 Revised Spending $8,654
Technical Adjustments  
Remove one-time spending -$380
Other technical adjustments -59
Subtotal (-$439)
Policy Adjustments  
Fund high school CTE initiative through Strong Workforce Program $212
Hold districts harmless for transition to new apportionment funding formula 175
Provide 2.51 percent COLA for apportionments 161
Fund new online college ($100 million one time, $20 million ongoing) 120
Fund deferred maintenance and instructional equipment (one time)a 81
Fund 1 percent enrollment growth 60
Fund AB 19 fee waivers for first-time full-time students 46
Fund consolidated financial aid program 33
Provide 2.51 percent COLA for some student support programsb 33
Provide additional funding for prior-year Apprenticeship costs (one time) 31
Fund Innovation Awards (one time) 20
Increase funding for Apprenticeship Programs 14
Fund adult education data system alignment 5
Fund certified nursing assistant program (one time) 2
Subtotal $992
Total Changes $553
2018-19 Proposed Spending $9,207
a Budget appropriates a total of $275 million for this purpose, including $184 million in 2017-18 funds and $11 million in settle-up funds.
b Applies to Apprenticeship Programs, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, Disabled Students Programs and Services, CalWORKs student services, Mandates Block Grant, and campus child care support. Includes a 4.1 percent COLA for the Adult Education Block Grant.
CTE = career technical education. COLA = cost-of-living adjustment.