LAO 2002-03 Budget Analysis: Education TOC
Analysis of the 2002-03 Budget Bill
Education Table of Contents

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Issue-By-Issue Table of Contents


K-14 Education Priorities Proposition 98

Public Employees' Retirement System Deferral

Proposition 98 Mandates

Teacher Support and Development

Governor's Distinguished Math and Science Scholars Program

K-12 Education Introduction

Discretionary Funds

Reforming Categorical Program Funding

Instructional, Library, and Science Materials


Accountability and Low-Performing Schools

California School Information Services

Special Education

Charter Schools

Charter County Community Day School

Child Care and Development

Other K-12 Issues

Commission on Teacher Credentialing (6360)

Higher Education Introduction 


California Postsecondary Education Commission (6420)

University of California (6440)

California State University (6610)

California Community Colleges (6870)

Student Aid Commission (7980)