LAO 2001-02 Budget Analysis: Resources Issue-By-Issue TOC Analysis of the 2001-02 Budget Bill
Resources Issue-By-Issue Contents


Spending by Major Program

Major Budget Changes

Crosscutting Issues

CALFED Bay-Delta Program

CALFED Created to Address Bay-Delta Water Problems

"Record of Decision" Is Foundation for CALFED Program

The Budget Proposal

An Approach to Enhancing Legislative Review of CALFED Proposals

New Governance Structure Needed to Improve Accountability

Lack of Federal Funds a Major Concern

CALFED's Environmental Water Account Raises Policy Issues

Update on Water Storage Studies

Fund Conditions for Resources Programs

Resources Special Funds

Parks Bond

Water Bonds

Departmental Issues

Resources Agency (0540)

River Parkways Program Should Be Defined Statutorily

Additional CCRISP Funding Should Await Delivery of Current-Year Products

Secretary for Environmental Protection (0555)

Environmental Management Systems Proposal Premature And May Be Outside Secretary's Authority

Department of Conservation (3480)

Mine Enforcement and Oversight Uneven; Violations Potentially Significant

Mining Operations Are Subject to Regulation

Primary Responsibilities Under SMARA

Inadequate Enforcement and Oversight Allow Many Violations

Statewide Compliance Data Inadequate, Not Reliable

Department's Review Activities Should Be Geared Toward Improving Compliance

Department Lacks Authority to Reject Deficient Plans

Lead Agencies Frequently Fail to Conduct Inspections

Funding for SMARA Enforcement Should Match Workload

Other Issues

Abandoned Mines: Mapping Efforts Unneeded Without Cleanup Program

Replacement Vehicle Budget Overstated

Department of Forestry And Fire Protection (3540)

Legislature Should Monitor CAD Progress

State Lands Commission (3560)

School Land Bank Fund Reserve Continues to Grow

Department of Fish and Game (3600)

Fisheries Restoration Grant Program Lacks Strategic Approach


The FRGP Should Establish Restoration Priorities

Application Process Can Be More Efficient

Establish a Better Approach to Meet CEQA Requirement

Evaluation and Monitoring Efforts Should Be Increased

Programmatic Proposals Should Be Subject To Legislative Oversight

Legislature Should Specify Use for Proposition 13 Bond Funds

Other Issues

Budget Proposal Will Expand Natural Community Conservation Planning (NCCP) Efforts

Court Rules Environmental Filing Fees Constitutional

California Coastal Commission (3720)

Permit Activity Outpacing Staff Resources

Commission Not Performing Required Local Coastal Program Reviews

Parks and Recreation (3790)

Ongoing Maintenance Needs Still Largely Unknown

Update Needed on Deferred Maintenance

Proposal for New Concession Lacks Key Information

Air Resources Board (3900)

Diesel Emission Reduction Proposal Raises Policy Issues

California Integrated Waste Management Board (3910)

Budget Does Not Implement Recent Tire Recycling Legislation

Department of Pesticide Regulation (3930)

Major Funding Shortfall Will Occur Beginning in 2002-03

State Water Resources Control Board (3940)

The TMDL Program: Major Consequences If Board Does Not Work Better and Faster


Pace of TMDL Development Lags

Efficiencies and Other Improvements Possible

Long-Term Work Plan and Funding Requirements Analysis

Clean Beaches Initiative Needs Better Definition

Department of Toxic Substances Control (3960)

Funding for Low-Cost Environmental Insurance Proposal Premature

General Fund Transfer for Hazardous Waste Management Program Not Justified