LAO 2001-02 Budget Analysis: Criminal Justice Issue-by-Issue TOC Analysis of the 2001-02 Budget Bill
Judiciary/Criminal Justice Issue-By-Issue Contents


Spending by Major Program

Major Budget Changes

Departmental Issues

Judicial (0250)

Current Budget Display Understates Assistance to the Trial Courts

Reporting Requirements Needed for Model Self-Help Pilot Programs

Trial Court Funding (0450)

Budget Request

Next Steps in Trial Court Funding

Preliminary Task Force Report Targets Court Facilities

State Needs to Take Action on Court Facilities

Clarification Needed on Undesignated Court-Related Fees

Mechanism Needed for Funding Trial Court Salary Increases

Budget Issues

Courts Experience Changes in County-Provided Services

Funding to Implement New Trial Court Personnel System Premature

Youth and Adult Correctional Agency (0550)

Substance Abuse Coordinator Position Not Justified

Office of the Inspector General (0552)

No Basis for Facilities Augmentation

Department of Justice (0820)

Budget Proposal

CALMS Funding Shifting to General Fund;DOJ Should Continue To Seek Federal Funds

Department of Corrections (5240)

Budget Proposal

Overview of the Inmate Population

Who Is in Prison?

Inmate and Parole Population Management Issues

Inmate Population Projections Indicate Slower Growth

Caseload Funding Requires Further Adjustment

Inmate Housing Plan Already Obsolete

Inmate and Parole Programs

Services for Developmentally Disabled Inmates and Parolees


The CDC's Approach to Dealing WithDevelopmentally Disabled Offenders

Implementation of the Remedial Plan

LAO Concerns

Next Steps: Services for Parolees

Substance Abuse Program Expansion Justified

Violence Control Program Should Be Modified

Correctional Medical Care

Department Continues to Have High Medical Costs

Correctional Administration

The CDC Personnel Management Problems Continue

Various Proposals Need Modification

Board of Prison Terms (5440)

Workload Adjustments Are Overstated

Creation of Domestic Violence Unit Justified

Positions to Conduct Parolee Screening Remain Unfilled

Department of the Youth Authority (5460)

Ward Population

Who Is in the Youth Authority?

Ward and Parolee Populations Relatively Flat

Ward and Parolee Population Projections Will Be Updated in May

Youth Authority InstitutionsOperational Quality Assurance Project


The TAP Recommendations

Making the Youth Authority's Statutory MissionThe Basis for Strategic Planning

Providing Adequate Staffing to Meet the Department's Mission

Revising Disciplinary Policy Recommendations

Providing Adequate Medical and Mental Health Services

Developing a Comprehensive Gang Strategy

Improving Relationship BetweenThe Youth Authority and the Counties

Changing the Role of the YOPB

Improving the Quality and Continuity of LeadershipAt All Levels Within the Youth Authority

The Youth Authority's Internal Response to the TAP

Formulating Responses to the Recommendations

Budget Proposals Address ManyMental Health Concerns Raised in TAP

LAO Recommendations

Department Should Report on Its Proposed Response to TAP

Direct the Youth Authority to Submit Its ReportOn Shorter-Term Programming

Departmental Issues

New Specialized Treatment and Ward GrievanceProposals Reflect Past Legislative Priorities

Long-Range Plan for Juvenile Justice Data CollectionIn California Long Overdue

Commission on Correctional Peace Officer Standards and Training (5480)

No Basis for Augmentation for Facilities Increase

Office of Criminal Justice Planning (8100)

Expansion of State Role in Antimethamphetamine Efforts Not Justified

More Information Needed on Local Forensic Laboratory Improvement Program

High Technology Crime Program Expansion Not Justified

State Funding for High Technology Identity Theft Efforts Should Be Directed to Areas of State Expertise

Criminal Justice Information Clearinghouse Duplicates Similar Effort in DOJ