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A Review of the Access Assistance for the Deaf Program

February 1, 1984 - The Deaf Access program (DAP) was established by Ch 1193/80 (AB 2980). The program provides funds to the Department of Social Services (DSS) for contracts with local agencies to provide specified services to deaf and hearing-impaired individuals.


Special Education Programs for Children Living in Foster Family Homes and Licensed Children's Institutions

December 1, 1983 - This report reviews the funding of special education programs for children who live in foster family homes and licensed children's institutions (LCIs), and makes recommendations to the Legislature regarding the restructuring or continuation of the current funding mechanism. It examines the structure and the operational impact of the current funding formula on local education agencies (LEAs) in California and identifies problems that tend to reduce program effectiveness.


Legislative Options for Developing Welfare Computer Systems in California

December 1, 1983 - This report reviews the revised feasibility report on the Statewide Public Assistance Network (SPAN) prepared by Arthur Andersen and Company. In addition, the report presents five options available to the Legislature for continuing the development of statewide computer systems that could improve the administration of public assistance programs in California.


The Utilization and Management of Information Processing Technology in California State Government

April 1, 1983 - The Conference Committee on the 1982 Budget Bill added language to Section 4.00 requiring the Legislative Analyst and the California Information Technology Advisory Board to perform independent reviews of electronic data processing (EDP) control and uses in California state government, and to submit separate reports to the Legislature in January 1983. A copy of the specific language adopted by the Legislature is included in this report as Appendix A.

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