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Last Updated: 2/19/2010
Budget Issue: Economic Impact Aid (EIA) program.
Program: California Department of Education
Finding or Recommendation: Make technical reduction of $101 million to align funding with declining eligible student count (includes $63 million in one-time 2009-10 savings and $38 million in ongoing 2010-11 savings.) Additionally, free districts from certain regulatory and compliance-related requirements that CDE has developed to guide districts' EIA expenditures.
Further Detail

For more detail on technical reduction, please see the "LAO Alternative Proposition 98 Plan" section of  our report, The 2010-11 Budget: Proposition 98 and K-12 Education.

For more detail on reaffirming discretion over how districts can use EIA funds, please see the "Consolidate English Learner Program Into Economic Impact Aid" section of our report, Year-One Survey: Update on School District Finance and Flexibility.