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Other Budget Issues

Last Updated: 2/24/2010
Budget Issue: Overview of affordability issues (fees and financial aid). The Governor's budget assumes a 15 percent fee increase for UC students, a 10 percent increase at CSU, and no change for CCC students. The Governor also proposes to suspend new Cal Grant awards.
Program: Higher Education
Finding or Recommendation: We generally find that, even with recent significant increases, fees at all three segments remain well below national averages, and that financial aid has helped offset increased education costs. We recommend no change to the proposed 2010-11 fee increases for UC and CSU. We also recommend a $14-per-unit fee increase for CCC. We recommend rejection of the Governor's Cal Grant cuts, and offer alternatives that would do less damage to the state's financial aid framework.
Further Detail

Please see our Analysis for the entire overview of fees and financial aid.

The specific CCC fee increase recommendation is here.