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Last Updated: 5/4/2010
Budget Issue: Review of Governor's proposal to augment UC and CSU General Fund support by $305 million each. The Governor's proposal does not specify how the universities should use this funding, along with several hundred million dollars in new fee revenue.
Program: University of California and California State University
Finding or Recommendation: Recommend the Legislature provide smaller General Fund augmentations that, combined with anticipated fee revenue, would be sufficient to (1) restore UC's and CSU's per-student funding to pre-recession levels, and (2) serve a specified number of students.
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Costs to Restore 2007-08 Programmatic Funding for Various Enrollment Options
  Enrollment   Augmentationsa   Savingsb
Enrollment Targets: UC CSU    UC CSU  Totals   Totals
Level General Fund supportc 202,194 312,494     $767.9
Segments‘ targets 213,049 310,317   $288.5 $53.1 $341.6   $426.3
Governor‘s enrollment level 209,976 339,873     249.6 264.6 514.2   $253.7
LAO Proposal 213,049 330,000     288.5 190.9 479.4   $288.5
Estimated current enrollment 213,880 340,643     299.1 287.2 586.3   $181.6
aAt 2007-08 per-student funding rate.
bSavings are relative to Governor’s May Revision proposal.
cCurrent General Fund support is roughly at the federal maintenance-of-effort level.