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Last Updated: 1/22/2010
Budget Issue: Beverage container recycling program--Governor's special session proposals
Program: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery
Finding or Recommendation: We recommend that the Legislature act on three current-year issues during the special session: (1) adopt proposed statutory change to accelerate submittal by beverage distributors of CRV revenues into the fund; (2) prevent proposed early repayment by General Fund of loans made from fund; (3) make statutory change to restructure payments out of the fund to make recyclers "whole" (that is provide full payments for 2009-10), directing remaining funds to legislative priorities.
Further Detail

In a handout that was presented at a hearing of the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee on January 21, 2009, we discuss the current problems with the beverage container recycling program and provide a summary of the Governor's proposals. We make recommendations for specific action required by the Legislature during the special session to address current-year problems. As the budget-year and longer-term reforms proposed by the Governor do not require immediate legislative action, we recommend that the Legislature consider these proposals in the regular budget session and the legislative policy process, respectively.