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Last Updated: 3/18/2010
Budget Issue: The administration requests resources for Medi-Cal claims processing systems and oversight of implementation of a replacement California Medicaid Management Information System (CA-MMIS).
Program: Department of Health Care Services
Finding or Recommendation: Approve 34 of 35 positions. Reduce 4260-001-0001 by $15,000 and 1 position.
Further Detail

Medi-Cal Claims Processing Systems and Policy Management Oversight of Implementation of a Replacement California Medicaid Management Information System (CA-MMIS). The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is requesting a three-year extension of 11 staff and to establish an additional 24 three-year limited term positions. These 35 staff would perform management and oversight of the fiscal intermediary contract design, development, and implementation activities related to the replacement of CA-MMIS.

Analyst’s Recommendation. We recommend that the Legislature approve 34 of the 35 positions requested. We believe that these positions are important to better ensure successful replacement and on-going operation of CA-MMIS. We recommend rejection of the request for a nurse consultant III position to work on tasks associated with an enhanced primary care case management provider (EPCCM) network. An EPCCM network is being considered as part of the discussions that are currently underway between DHCS and stakeholders regarding the renewal of the waiver entitled Medi-Cal Hospital/Uninsured Care Demonstration, which expires on August 31, 2010. No final decisions have been made about the types of changes to the Medi-Cal program that would occur under the renewed waiver. As a result, we believe it is premature to request this position, since it is unknown at this time what the final terms of the waiver will be. Reduce 4260-001-0001 by $15,000 and 1 position.