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Last Updated: 4/14/2010
Budget Issue: Implementation of AB 32---Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006
Program: Air Resources Board
Finding or Recommendation: We find that the state's AB 32 activities will be shifting from the development of plans and regulations to program implementation and enforcement. We recommend that the Legislature: (1) take action to ensure that sufficient resources are devoted to the economic analysis of AB 32 measures and (2) direct ARB to provide a justification for the whole AB 32 program budget when the Governor's 2011-12 budget is submitted.
Further Detail

In our budget-focused report released on April 14---Implementation of AB 32---Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006---we provide an update on the implementation of AB 32. We discuss how AB 32 implementation has been funded to date and provide details on the new AB 32 administrative fee included in the administration's budget to provide the bulk of the program's funding beginning in the budget year. We follow with an accounting of how ARB proposes to spend its $33 million budget to implement AB 32. Finally, we comment on the merits of the administration's budget proposal and offer some recommendations to assist the Legislature in its evaluation of the AB 32 program budget.