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Last Updated: 5/19/2010
Budget Issue: Local assistance for immunization
Program: Immunization Programs
Finding or Recommendation: Approve $10.5 million of the proposed $18 million General Fund in funding for local assistance for immunization.
Further Detail

Proposal.  The Governor’s budget proposes to fund local assistance for immunization programs in the amount of $18 million General Fund in the budget year.  This funding was suspended in 2009-10 on a one-time basis.  The funding is allocated to several projects as follows: (1) $4 million in collaborative projects that seek to improve immunization rates among underserved children ages 0-24 months, (2) $3.5 million in grants to community clinics to expand immunization services for at-risk patients, (3) $3.2 million for childhood immunization registries (computerized databases of immunization records), and (4) $7.3 million in to purchase vaccines for local health departments.   

Analyst’s Comment.  We note that federal funding for community clinics will increase significantly beginning in October 2010 as a result of the new federal health care law (by an estimated $1.4 billion over five years).   Additionally, we note that the funding for collaborative projects could be funded by local First 5 commissions since it serves children under age 3. 

Analyst’s Recommendation.  Without prejudice to the public health merits of the program, we recommend approving $10.5 million of the proposed $18 million in funding for local assistance for immunization, and eliminating the $3.5 million in grants to community clinics and $4 million in collaborative projects in light of the state’s fiscal crisis.