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Last Updated: 2/24/2012
Budget Issue: Refocusing CDCR after the 2011 realignment.
Program: Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Finding or Recommendation: Recommends a number of actions designed to ensure compliance with the federal court order to reduce prison overcrowding, as well as better align CDCR’s facilities, health care system, and rehabilitation programs with the state inmate and parole populations remaining following the 2011 realignment.
Further Detail

In this report we recommend that the Legislature:

  • Direct the administration to request more time for compliance with the federal court order to reduce overcrowding if revised population projections suggest the state will not meet the federal court's deadline;
  • Direct CDCR to match its facilities to the population remaining in prison after realignment by using existing facilities for high–security inmates, using various strategies to address any remaining shortfall, potentially reducing the size of Chapter 7, Statutes of 2007 (AB 900, Solorio), and identifying facilities for possible closure;
  • Direct CDCR to review whether it can increase eligibility criteria and incentives for state inmate participation in fire camps;
  • Wait for additional information before approving additional medical beds and ensure medical renovation plans are adjusted in light of realignment;
  • Direct CDCR to report on how it will repurpose excess mental health capacity for other uses; and
  • Withhold additional rehabilitation funding until the department provides a plan with how it will match its programs to the needs of the population remaining after realignment.

For more detail on these issues and recommendations, please see our report, Refocusing CDCR After the 2011 Realignment.