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Last Updated: 2/14/2013
Budget Issue: Office of Technology Services (OTech) Spending Authority for Capacity Growth
Program: Office of Technology Services (OTech)
Finding or Recommendation: Approval of the Governor’s proposal to increase OTech spending authority by $32.1 million to increase capacity to address customer service demand. (Four separate proposals totaling $32.1 million)
Further Detail

The OTech. The OTech is an office within the Department of Technology (formerly the California Technology Agency) that provides information technology (IT) services to a diverse mix of over 500 state, county, and federal government entities throughout California. An increase in workload from new and current customers are driving IT growth at the OTech. Growth has a rippling effect through the OTech: additional customers and applications require additional servers; additional equipment requires more power, cooling, network connectivity, storage and other IT support systems.

Governor’s Budget Proposal. The Governor’s budget proposes an increase to OTech of $32.1 million (Special Fund) to increase the capacity of its midrange servers, mainframe central processing units, data storage, and networks to meet the demand of its customers (all government entities). (Four separate proposals totaling $32.1 million)

Recommended Approval of Budget Request. The OTech’s customers often require real-time IT services in order for them to provide food vouchers, court documents, medical appointment, and other essential services to the state’s residents. A failure to provide the necessary capacity could result in a disruption at the OTech and jeopardize the delivery of vital public services. We find that the budget request is justified in order to ensure adequate capacity at OTech is available whenever needed.