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Other Budget Issues

Last Updated: 3/15/2013
Budget Issue: Capital outlay project at Solano Community College.
Program: CCC
Finding or Recommendation: Approve Governor's January proposal to provide $1.2 million in general-obligation bond funding for theater-renovation project at Solano Community College.
Further Detail

The Governor proposes $1.2 million in general-obligation bond funding to begin renovation of the theater at Solano Community College. The current building suffers from a number of deficiencies, including noncompliance with state seismic codes, lack of accessibility for persons with disabilities, and bat and rodent infestations. The project is currently the California Community College (CCC) Chancellor's Office's highest priority "health and safety" project.

The proposed funding is for preliminary plans and working drawings. The CCC Chancellor's Office estimates the construction phase of the project would cost $12.5 million--for a total project cost of $13.7 million. The CCC Chancellor's Office has indicated that the system has enough bond funds to complete the construction phase of project (scheduled to be completed by July 2016).