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Last Updated: 2/24/2014
Budget Issue: Proposed added staff for statewide human resources training
Program: State Controller's Office
Finding or Recommendation: Approve proposal on a permanent—rather than two-year limited term—basis.
Further Detail


Human Resources Training. The State Controller’s Office (SCO) conducts personnel and payroll training for human resources staff in state departments. The training unit is comprised of 5.5 authorized positions, including 4.0 training positions and 1.5 supervisory and support positions. Training is available in a number of areas, including payroll, garnishments, disability insurance, and workers’ compensation. In recent years, SCO has had insufficient resources to meet the number of training requests it receives from state departments. Specifically, between calendar years 2008 and 2012 SCO only met 28 percent of the total number of requests for training.

Administration’s Budget Proposal

Proposes Additional Limited-Term Staff. The administration’s budget plan proposes 4.0 additional two-year limited-term positions and $390,000 ($218,000 General Fund) for SCO’s training unit. Specifically, 2.0 of the positions would be dedicated to conducting training and developing new training programs for attendance and leave accounting. The other 2.0 positions would be dedicated to developing e-learning opportunities for state department staff. By calendar year 2015, SCO estimates that the 4.0 additional positions would allow the unit to meet 57 percent of training requests.

LAO Recommendation

Approve Request on Permanent Basis. While the projected number of training requests for 2014 through 2016 is roughly 20 percent higher than the historical average, the proposal appears reasonable because the historical data spans years in which the state’s furlough policies were still in effect, presumably reducing the demand for training. Furthermore, it appears to us that the workload in the proposal is ongoing. We therefore recommend that the Legislature approve the proposal on a permanent basis, rather than for a two-year limited term.

LAO analysis prepared by: Ryan Miller. Reviewed by: Jason Sisney.