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Last Updated: 3/15/2010
Budget Issue: Adjust for overbudgeting of state hospital caseload in current year.
Program: Department of Mental Health
Finding or Recommendation: Recommend Legislature reduce the Department of Mental Health's 2009-10 state hospital caseload funding by $10.1 million General Fund.
Further Detail

This is an update to our January review. Our analysis of the state hospital census through March 3, 2010, shows that caseloads continue to be significantly below budgeted levels for the current year. Our updated estimate shows 56 fewer IST, 63 fewer NGI, and 31 fewer MDO patients. Accordingly, at this time, we recommend a budget reduction of $10.1 million to adjust for the lower caseload. (This reflects 150 fewer patients than budgeted at a half-year cost of $67, 242.)

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