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Over 200,000 people work for a State of California department or agency (other than a university). More than 80% of these employees are represented by one of the state’s 21 bargaining units in the collective bargaining process. The rest are excluded from the collective bargaining because they are managers, supervisors, or employees who assist management develop  employee compensation policies. Below, we describe the types of employees in the state’s 21 bargaining units.



  • Bargaining Unit 9: Professional Engineers
  • Union: Professional Engineers in California Government (PECG)
  • Percentage of Workforce: 4.5%
  • Number of Positions: 10,107
  • Profile: Employees represented by Unit 9 are professional engineers who design and oversee the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, buildings, dams, and other infrastructure projects throughout the state. About two-thirds of these employees work for the Department of Transportation (Caltrans).


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