LAO 1999-00 Budget Analysis: General Government TOC
Analysis of the 1999-00 Budget Bill
General Government Table of Contents

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Issue-By-Issue Table of Contents

Major Issues


Spending by Major Program

Evaluating Information Technology Projects

Evaluating the Housing Task Force's Agenda

Department of Insurance (0845)

California State Lottery Commission (0850)

Consumer Affairs (1110-1600)

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (2100)

Office of Real Estate Appraisers (2310)

Energy Resources, Conservation And Development Commission (3360)

Department of Food and Agriculture (8570)

Fair Political Practices Commission (8620)

Public Utilities Commission (8660)

Board of Equalization (0860)

Franchise Tax Board (1730)

Department of Information Technology (0505)

Stephen P. Teale Data Center (2780)

Health and Welfare Agency Data Center (4130)

State Controller (0840)

Department of General Services (1760)

Housing and Community Development (2240)

Trade and Commerce Agency (2920)

Department of Personnel Administration (8380)

Military Department (8940)

Department of Veterans Affairs and Veterans' Homes of California (8955-8966)

Health and Dental Benefits For Annuitants (9650)

Augmentation for Employee Compensation (9800)

Tax Relief (9100)

Local Government Financing (9210)

Control Section 3.60

Control Section 15.00

Stephen P. Teale Data Center Revolving Fund

Budget Proposes to Transfer Large Portion of Fund Balance

Various Budget-Related Control Sections