LAO 2002-03 Budget Analysis: Education Issue-By-Issue TOC Analysis of the 2002-03 Budget Bill
Education Issue-By-Issue Contents


Funding Per Student

Historical Perspective of Funding Per Student

Proposition 98

Proposition 98 Allocations

Enrollment Growth

Setting Education Priorities for 2002-03

Crosscutting Issues

K-14 Education Priorities Proposition 98

Thinking and Acting Strategically About Proposition 98

Achieving Additional Current-Year Savings

Budget-Year Savings Options

Meeting Additional K-14 Spending Needs

Public Employees' Retirement System Deferral


How the PERS Offset to Revenue Limits Works

What if the PERS Deferral Is Not Enacted?

Proposition 98 Mandates


Governor's Budget

Mandates and Categorical Reform

Benefits of Including Proposition 98 Mandates In Categorical Reform

Mandates to Include in Categorical Block Grants

Other Mandate Issues

Test Claims and Reimbursement Claims Mandate

Collective Bargaining Mandates


Court Clarifies Term "Reimbursable Mandate"

Taking a Second Look at the Collective Bargaining "Mandate"

Additional Policy and Budget Concerns

LAO Recommendation: Initiate Mandate Challenge

School Testing—Physical Fitness Mandate

American Government Course Documents

Teacher Support and Development

Continuing Current-Year Reductions

Peer Assistance and Review

Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification Incentive Program

California Professional Development Institutes

Additional Budget-Year Reductions

California Subject Matter Projects

Education Technology Professional Development Program

Internship and Pre-Internship Teaching Programs

Paraprofessional Teacher Training Program

Eliminates Three Professional Development Programs

Staff Development Plans and Regional Professional Development Consortia

Demonstration Programs In Intensive Instruction

Augments Second-Year Funding for New Professional Development Program

Mathematics and Reading Professional Development Program

Update on Implementation of MRPD Program

Current System Riddled With Problems

LAO Alternative Approach to Teacher Support and Development

Create New Formula-Based Teacher Support and Development Block Grant

Create Competitively Based Teacher Support and Development Block Grant

Advanced Placement Teacher Training

Another Reading Professional Development Program

Governor's Distinguished Math and Science Scholars Program

K-12 Education Introduction 

Governor's Budget Proposals

Proposition 98 Spending by Major Program

One-Time Spending

Enrollment Trends

K-12 Enrollment Growth to Slow Significantly

Divergent Trends in Elementary and High School Enrollment

Budget and Policy Implications

K-12 Education Budget Issues 

Discretionary Funds

Reforming Categorical Program Funding


The Current Categorical Program Structure

Recent Efforts to Increase Flexibility

Consolidating and Simplifying Categorical Programs

Academic Improvement Block Grant

Problems With Existing System

Create an Academic Improvement Block Grant

Compensatory Education Block Grant

How the Compensatory Education Block Grant Would Work

Alternative Education Block Grant

Problems With Existing Alternative Education Programs

Create an Alternative Education Block Grant

School Safety Block Grant

Current School Safety Program

Why a School Safety Block Grant?

Teacher Support and Development Block Grant

Block Grant Features for Small School Districts


Benefits of Additional Flexibility

Recent Federal Program Provides Flexible Example


A Revised Role for SDE Under Categorical Reform


Technical Assistance and Program Oversight

Create Ongoing Research and Evaluation Program

Instructional, Library, and Science Materials

Current- and Budget-Year Funding

Analyst's Recommendations


Federal Assessment Funds for STAR

Seek Federal Waiver to Use Assessment Funding for Title I Needs

State Department of Education Assessment Workload

Use Federal Funds for English Language Development Test

Accountability and Low-Performing Schools

Public Schools Accountability Act and Related Programs

API Reward Programs

Programs Based on the API and Targeted to Low Performing Schools

Eliminate the Certificated Staff Performance Award Program


Aligning State and Federal Accountability Systems

New Federal Title I Accountability Requirements

One Set of Accountability Standards Instead of Two

Low-Performing School Interventions and Sanctions


Aligning Existing Intervention Programs

Funding Available for Additional Intervention and Sanctions

Schools at Risk of Sanctions under Federal Title I

SBE Definition Will Determine the Number of Schools Facing State Sanctions

Create School Assistance and Intervention Teams

Clarifying PSAA and Federal Sanction Process

Other Issues

Excess Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Funds

Other Actions to Ensure Full Use of Future CSRD Funds

Inadequate Funding to Evaluate PSAA

California School Information Services

The Proposed Budget for CSIS

Current Status of CSIS Implementation

When Does the Legislature Want CSIS Completed?

Provide Needs Assessment for School Districts Not Participating in CSIS

The CSIS Mission Needs Greater Specificity

Resource Needs for SDE to Transition State and Federal Reporting Uncertain

Special Education


Federal Special Education Funds

The Governor's Budget Proposal

Recommendation for Allocating Additional Federal Funds

Charter Schools


Charter School Access to Revenue Limit Funding Sunsets

Extending Grandfather Clause for Charter School Direct Funding Model Would Save $15 Million in One-Time Costs

Charter School Funding Model Removes Legislative Discretion

Charter County Community Day School

Background on Community Schools

Background on the SEA Charter School

Funding Mechanism Consistent With Charter School Funding Model

Benefits of Operating as a Charter School

Mixed Performance on Accountability Goals

Child Care and Development

The Governor's Child Care Reform Proposal

Other K-12 Issues

Independent Study

Lack of Cost Data Makes It Difficult to Evaluate Proposal

Eliminate Reading Incentive Programs

High-Tech High Schools


Concerns With Budget-Year Appropriation for High-Tech Highs

Commission on Teacher Credentialing (6360)

Major General Fund Budget Proposals

Eliminate Fee Waiver for First-Time Credential Applicants

Higher Education Introduction 

Major Budget Changes

Changes in Higher Education Funding Over Time

Higher Education Budget Issues


Student Fee Policy Needed


State "Backfill" Compensates for Flat or Declining Fees

Fees Have Fluctuated Over Time

UC and CSU Fees in Perspective

Fee Policy Needed to Promote State Objectives and Facilitate Planning

Past Attempts at a Fee Policy

Setting Fee Levels: A Balancing Act

New Financial Aid Guarantee Changes the Fee Landscape

Enact New Fee Policy

Update on Summer Operations at UC and CSU

Key State Actions Promoting Summer Expansion

State-Supported Summer Operations Date Back More Than 35 Years

Update on Summer 2001— All UC Campuses Succeed at Attracting Additional Students

Update on Summer 2001— CSU Expands Summer Session At Ten Campuses

Both UC and CSU Manage First Transition Successfully

Special Summer Incentives

UC and CSU Should Account for Summer 2001 Activities

Governor Proposes to Expand Summer Operations at UC Davis and CSU Chico

Continue Linking Funding to Summer Enrollment Growth

Support Consistent Enrollment-Growth Policy

Reexamining the Role of Colleges and Universities In Providing State-Funded Financial Aid

Governor Proposes Reduced Funding for Institutional Financial Aid Programs

Expand Competitive Cal Grant Programs by Pooling State Funds

Other Budget-Savings Options Might Have Less Adverse Consequences

Update on UC's and CSU's Efforts to Expand Joint Education Doctoral Programs

Report on New Policies

Existing CSU and UC Joint Ed.D. Programs

Placing Administrator Training in Broader Context— Other Options, Lower Costs

Requirements for Administrative Services Credential Under Review

California Postsecondary Education Commission (6420)

CPEC Paying $96,000 for Data Services It Does Not Receive

Outreach Inventory Should Be Clarified

University of California (6440)

Crosscutting and Intersegmental Issues Involving UC

Funding for Faculty Hiring For Unopened Campus Unnecessary

K-12 Outreach Programs

Purpose and Priorities of Outreach

Expansion of UC K-12 Outreach

Existing Outreach Programs and Funding Levels

Problems With Current K-12 Outreach Programs

How Can the Legislature Improve Its K-12 Outreach Efforts?

Principles for K-12 Outreach

Approve Outreach Reductions Proposed in Budget

Ask UC to Report on Evaluation Efforts

Consolidate Existing Programs

Target Funding Depending on Type of Outreach

California State University (6610)

Crosscutting and Intersegmental Issues Involving CSU

Convert Governor's Teaching Fellowships Into APLE Warrants

Programmatic Similarities

Fiscal Efficiencies

California Community Colleges (6870)

Major Budget Changes

Proposition 98 Spending by Major Program

Update on Partnership for Excellence


PFE Failing to Meet Objectives

Legislature Should Reconsider PFE in Light of Performance

Categorical Consolidation Should Accompany Proposed Cuts

Governor Proposes $122 Million in Cuts to Categorical Programs

Reductions Are Reasonable, But Greater District Flexibility Needed

Other Issues

Possible Increase in PERS Contribution Rate Would Add District Expenses

Statutory COLA May Be Overfunded

Governor Proposes to Move Adult and Vocational Education Programs From K-12 to CCC

Student Aid Commission (7980)

Major General Fund Budget Changes

Cal Grant Programs Prior to 2001

New Entitlement and Competitive Programs

First-Year Implementation of Chapter 403

Grant Recipients Are Now Primarily Recent High School Graduates And Community College Students Rather Than Older Students

More Cal Grant B Awards Are Now Issued

Fewer Awards Issued Than Commission Initially Projected

High Schools and Community Colleges Need to Improve Transmission of GPA Verification Forms

Provide Update on Second-Year Implementation of Entitlement Program and Future Cost Projections