LAO 2004-05 Budget Analysis: Criminal Justice Issue-by-Issue TOC Analysis of the 2004-05 Budget Bill
Judiciary/Criminal Justice Issue-By-Issue Contents


Expenditure Proposal and Trends

Spending by Major Program

Major Budget Changes

Crosscutting Issues

Valdivia Remedial Plan For Parole Revocation


Implementation Plan

Impact of Valdivia Plan on State and Local Governments

Analyst's Recommendation

Elimination of Inspector General Not Justified


Inadequate Justification for Elimination of OIG


Options for Strengthening the Office of the Inspector General

Reducing TANF Block Grant for Probation Could Have Unintended Consequences

Office of Criminal Justice Planning Elimination: Update


Interim Plan to Eliminate OCJP

Issues for Governor's Reorganization Plan

Reorganization Plan Is Delayed

Departmental Issues

State Trial Court Funding (0450)

Information Technology at the Judicial Council: An Assessment


Information Technology Is Important to the Courts

Major Court IT Projects Underway

Court IT Process Is Too Risky

Court Not Required to Follow Process Intended To Protect State Against Failed Projects

Court IT Project Process Is Lacking

Court Should Use the State's IT Process

Department of Corrections (5240)

Budget Overview

Budget Proposal

Current-Year Deficiency

Major Additional Savings in Corrections Budget May Be Difficult to Achieve in Budget Year

Inmate and Parole Population Management Issues

Inmate Population Projected to Decline

Caseload May Require Further Adjustment

The "New Parole Model"



California's Parole System

California's Parole Failure Rate Highest in Nation

Costs of Parolee Failure

2003 Parole Reforms—The "New Parole Model"

Prerelease Planning

Reentry Services

Mentally Ill Parolee Case Management

Intermediate Sanctions

Findings and Recommendations

Department Should Report on Impacts of Implementation Delays

Opportunities for Additional Savings by Expanding Parole Reforms

Corrections Overtime Expenditures



Costs Associated With CDC Overtime

Previously Identified Drivers of CDC Overtime

Actions Taken by Legislature and CDC


Vacancies in Many Posted Positions Affect Overtime

Correctional Officer Contract Contributes to Overtime Costs

Overtime Spending Reflects Institution Factors

Some Prison Activities Regularly Result in Overtime Costs

Institution Staffing Not Based on Activities and Population


Fill Posted Position Vacancies

Direct State to Renegotiate Unit 6 Contract

Examine Staffing Formulas for Prisons and Prison Activities

Improve Institution Accountability

Relief Factor Proposal Lacks Sufficient Detail


Governor's Relief Factor Proposal

LAO Comments

Analyst's Recommendation

Department of the Youth Authority (5460)

Budget Proposal

Who Is in the Youth Authority?

Facility Closures


Ward and Parolee Populations Continue to Decline

Impact of Governor's Proposals on Ward Population

Governor's Budget Accelerates Closures

Nelles Closure Has Merit

Should Youth Authority Be Required to Close Another Facility?