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A.G. File No. 2017-044 December 21
Criminal penalties and DNA collection.
This measure amends state law to (1) increase penalties for certain theft-related crimes, (2) change the existing nonviolent offender release consideration process, (3) change community supervision practices, and (4) require DNA collection from adults convicted of certain misdemeanors. (Amendment No. 1)
A.G. File No. 2017-043 December 14
Emergency medical personnel. (Amendment No. 1)
This measure makes various changes to state laws that affect private-sector emergency medical technicians and paramedics. (Amendment #1)
A.G. File No. 2017-042 December 14
Impose new standards for confining certain farm animals. (Amendment No. 1)
This measure phases in new requirements over the next several years that increase the minimum size of restrictive enclosures used by California farmers to confine egg-laying hens, breeding pigs, and calves raised for veal. In addition, the measure prohibits businesses in California from buying or selling liquid eggs, pork, and veal that were produced from animals confined in more restrictive enclosures that would not comply with the measure’s requirements. (Amendment No. 1)
A.G. File No. 2017-041 December 12
Rent control.
This measure repeals Costa-Hawkins.
A.G. File No. 2017-039 December 1
Consumer privacy.
This measure places various requirements on businesses that collect or sell personal information. (Amendment #1)
A.G. File No. 2017-038 November 30
Estate taxes and financial aid for college.
This measure creates a new California estate tax beginning in 2019. (Amendment #1)
A.G. File No. 2017-037 November 28
Private legal actions that enforce state labor laws. (Version 3)
This measure limits the contingency fees of attorneys representing employees in Private Attorneys General Act lawsuits.
A.G. File No. 2017-036 November 28
Private legal actions that enforce state labor laws. (Version 2)
This measure prohibits the attorneys who represent employees in Private Attorneys General Act lawsuits from seeking compensation through contingency fee agreements.
A.G. File No. 2017-035 November 28
Private legal actions that enforce state labor laws. (Version 1)
This measure repeals the Private Attorneys General Act.
A.G. File No. 2017-034 November 17
Use of revenue raised by bonds or taxes approved by the voters.
This measure restricts the use of voter-approved bond proceeds and tax revenue.
A.G. File No. 2017-033 November 3
Transportation-related taxes.
This measure requires the Legislature to obtain voter approval to impose, increase, or extend excise and sales taxes on gasoline and diesel, as well as taxes on vehicles. (Amendment No. 1)
A.G. File No. 2017-032 November 2
Homeowners’ and renters’ tax relief.
This measure creates a new income tax credit for homeowners and renters.
A.G. File No. 2017-031 November 1
State income taxes and various charges collected by the Department of Motor Vehicles.
This measure reduces various state taxes and fees and places restrictions on the state’s ability to collect unpaid charges.
A.G. File No. 2017-030 October 25
Proposes a constitutional amendment related to parental rights.
This measure gives parents the “sole authority and responsibility” for raising their children, including being able to determine the “venue, curriculum, and methods” by which their children are educated. The measure prohibits the state and any local government from infringing upon this authority.
A.G. File No. 2017-029 October 25
Taxes on Californians who are age 55 and older.
This measure amends the State Constitution to prohibit the state and local governments from levying income or property taxes on any Californian age 55 or over and creates a constitutional ban on state or local estate taxes.