January 2018

Proposition 98 Overview

Active Education Mandates

K-12 Education (44 Active Mandatesa)
Academic Performance Index Juvenile Court Notices II
Agency Fee Arrangements Law Enforcement Agency Notificationc
AIDS Prevention / Instruction I and II Mandatory Reporters Training
Annual Parent Notificationb Notification of Truancy
California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress Open Meetings/Brown Act Reform
California State Teachers’ Retirement System Service Credit Parental Involvement Programs
Caregiver Affidavits Physical Performance Tests
Charter Schools I, II, III, and IV Prevailing Wage Rate
Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Public Contracts
County Office of Education Fiscal Accountability Reporting Pupil Suspensions and Expulsions I and II
Collective Bargaining Pupil Health Screenings
Comprehensive School Safety Plans I and II Pupil Promotion and Retention
Criminal Background Checks I and II Pupil Safety Notices
Developer Fees Race to the Top
Differential Pay and Reemployment School Accountability Report Cards I, II, III, and IV
Expulsion of Pupil: Transcript Cost for Appeals School District Fiscal Accountability Reporting
Financial and Compliance Audits School District Reorganization
Graduation Requirements Teacher Notification: Pupil Suspensions/Expulsionsd
Habitual Truants The Stull Act
Immunization Records (includes Pertussis & Hepatitis B) Threats Against Peace Officers
Intradistrict Attendance Uniform Complaint Procedures
Interdistrict Attendance Permits Williams Case Implementation I, II, and III
California Community Colleges (15 Active Mandatesa)
Agency Fee Arrangements Minimum Conditions for State Aid
Cal Grants Open Meetings/Brown Act Reform
California State Teachers’ Retirement System Service Credit Prevailing Wage Rate
Collective Bargaining Public Contracts
Community College Construction Reporting Improper Governmental Activities
Discrimination Complaint Procedures Threats Against Peace Officers
Enrollment Fee Collection and Waivers Tuition Fee Waivers
Health Fee Elimination  
Mandates typically include only very specific activities associated with their name. To date, the Legislature has taken action to suspend 13 K-12 mandates and 12 community college mandates. Chapter 641 of 2017 (AB 830, Kalra) ended the High School Exit Exam mandate.
Also includes Schoolsite Discipline Rules and Alternative Schools.
Also includes Missing Children Reports.
Also includes Pupil Discipline Records.