January 2018

Proposition 98 Overview

Total Proposition 39 Energy Efficieny Funding by Segment

Through October 2017 (In Millions)

  Budgeted Funds Funds Awardeda Budgeted Funds Remainingb
School Districts $1,426 $1,156 $270
Charter Schoolsc 287 147 140
COEs 18 13 5
Totals $1,731 $1,317 $415
a Reflects funding for both planning and energy efficiency projects.
b Reflects the difference between budgeted funds and funds awarded. Of the amount remaining, the state already has approved $30 million in projects for districts, $9 million for charter schools, and $2 million for COEs.
c Does not include $17 million initially allocated to charter schools that subsequently closed. These funds, along with any budgeted funds remaining after June 30, 2019, will be repurposed in accordance with rules established by Chapter 55 of 2017
(SB 110, Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review).
COE = county office of education.