January 2019

Proposition 98 Overview

Governor's Budget Contains $2.9 Billion in Proposition 98 Spending Proposals

(In Millions, Ongoing Commitments Unless Otherwise Noted)

COLA (3.46 percent) $41
2,959 full-day slots added in April 1, 2019 (annualize cost) 27
Non-LEA programs (shift to non-Proposition 98 funding) -297
Total Preschool (-$229)
K-12 Education  
LCFF adjustment for districts and charter schools $2,027
Grants for schools with large concentrations of students with disabilities 390
Grants for schools with large concentrations of students with disabilities (one time) 187
COLA for select categorical programs (3.46 percent)a 146
LCFF adjustment for county offices of education (attendance and COLA) 9
Three previously approved 2018-19 initiatives (one time, shift to Proposition 98 funding)b 8
Standardized school district accounting system (replacement) 3
Total K-12 Education ($2,770)
California Community Colleges  
COLA for apportionments (3.46 percent) $248
College Promise fee waivers (extend program to sophomores) 40
COLA for select student support programs (3.46 percent)c 32
Enrollment growth (0.55 percent) 26
Student Success Completion Grants (caseload adjustment) 11
Legal services for undocumented students 10
Total California Community Colleges ($367)
Total Spending Proposals $2,908
Note: The spending proposals in this table are attributable to various fund sources but primarily reflect a $2.8 billion increase in the 2019-20 minimum guarantee and a $687 million settle-up payment. After backfilling for a decrease in the 2018-19 minimum guarantee and covering various formula-driven cost increases, among other adjustments, $2.9 billion is available for new proposals.
a Applies to special education, child nutrition, mandates block grant, services for foster youth, adults in correctional facilities, and American Indian education.
b Consists of $4 million for facilities in San Francisco Unified School District, $2 million for facilities in Sweetwater Union High School District, and $1.7 million for suicide prevention training.
Applies to Adult Education, Apprenticeship Programs, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, mandates block grant, Disabled Students Programs and Services, CalWORKs student services, and campus child care support.
COLA = cost-of-living adjustment. LEA = local education agency. LCFF = Local Control Funding Formula.