January 2019


University of California General Fund Changes

(In Millions)

2018-19 Revised Spending $3,743
Operational cost increasesa $120
Student success initiatives 50
Graduate medical educationb 40
Student basic needs 15
Additional enrollment in 2018-19 10
Student mental health services 5
Subtotal ($240)
One Time
Deferred maintenance $138
Extended education 15
Subtotal ($153)
Remove 2018-19 one-time funds -$249
Remove carryover funds from earlier years -19
Total Changes $125
2019-20 Proposed Spending $3,868
a Proposal is based on the following UC budget requests: operating expenses and equipment ($41 million), represented staff salaries ($30 million), employee health benefit costs ($21 million), retirement contributions ($20 million), and retiree health benefit costs ($7 million).
b Proposal effectively allows a like amount of Proposition 56 funds to support additional physician residency programs on an ongoing basis.