January 2019


California State University General Fund Changes

(In Millions)

2018-19 Revised Funding $4,122.4
Compensation and other operational costs $193.0
Enrollment growth (2 percent) 62.0
Graduation Initiative 45.0
Pension costs 44.2
Retiree health benefit costs 19.8
Project Rebound 0.3
Subtotal ($364.2)a
One Time  
Deferred maintenance/campus child care facilities $247.0
Student Basic Needs Partnerships initiative 15.0
San Joaquin campus study 2.0
Subtotal ($264.0)
Remove one-time funding provided in 2018-19 -$163.1
Total Changes $465.1
2019-20 Proposed Funding $4,587.6
a In addition, the Governor's budget proposes $7 million ongoing General Fund to the Department of Social Services for provision of legal services to undocumented students and immigrants at CSU campuses.