May 2020


Comparing Hastings Core Funding Under Governor's Budget and May Revision

2020-21 (Core Funding in Millions)

  Governor's Budget May Revision Change
Core Funding  
General Fund      
Operations $16.6 $13.7 -$2.9
Debt service 3.5 3.5
Subtotals ($20.1) ($17.2) (-$2.9)
Tuition and feesa,b $44.3 $44.3
Otherc 1.7 1.7
Totals $66.1 $63.2 -$2.9
FTE Studentsa,d 993 993
Core Funding Per Studente $66,602 $63,669 -$2,933
a Includes funds that Hastings uses to provide tuition discounts and waivers to certain students.
b Assumes no change to January enrollment estimates. May Revision proposes no enrollment target. Actual enrollment in      2020-21 is uncertain.
c Includes overhead from auxiliary programs, state lottery funds, and investment income, among other sources.
d 1 FTE is 24 credit units. Student counts include resident and nonresident students.
e After adjusting for debt service, the May Revision reflects a $2,147 (3.4 percent) reduction from 2019-20.
FTE = full-time equivalent.