May 2020


Comparing CSU Core Funding Under Governor's Budget and May Revision

2020-21 (In Millions)

  Governor's Budget May Revision Change
Core Funding      
General Fund      
   Ongoinga $4,604 $3,994 -$609
   One time 6 -6
Subtotals ($4,610) ($3,994) (-$615)
Tuition and feesb,c $3,262 $3,262
Other state fundsd 64 64
Totals $7,935 $7,320 -$615
FTE Studentsc,e 412,392 412,392
Core Ongoing Funding Per Studentf $19,228 $17,750 -$1,477
a Includes funding for pensions and retiree health benefits.
b Includes funds that CSU uses to provide tuition discounts and waivers to certain students.
c Assumes no changes to January enrollment estimates. May Revision proposes no enrollment target. Actual enrollment in 2020-21 is uncertain.
d Includes lottery funds and $2 million ongoing from the State Transportation Fund for transportation research.
e 1 FTE is 30 credit units for an undergraduate and 24 credit units for a graduate student. Student counts include resident and nonresident students
f May Revision reflects a $939 per FTE student (5 percent) reduction from 2019-20.
FTE = full-time equivalent.