July 2017

K-12 Education

2017-18 K-12 Education Proposition 98 Changes

(In Millions)

2016-17 Revised Spending $62,089
Technical Adjustments  
Make LCFF Adjustments $151
Make other adjustments 67
Adjust categorical programs for changes in attendance -3
Subtotal ($215)
Policy Changes  
Increase LCFF funding for school districts and charter schools $1,362
Provide per-student discretionary grants (one time) 877
Provide cost-of-living adjustment for select categorical programsa 65
Augment funding for after school programs 50
Help classified employees become teachers (one time) 25
Fund Career Technical Education Pathways program 15
Expand refugee student services (one time) 10
Add mandated reporter training to mandates block grant 8
Increase LCFF for county offices of education 7
Offer training for bilingual teachers (one time) 5
Create free online history/social science curriculum (one time) 5
Support Southern California Regional Occupational Center (one time) 4
Fund online educational resources 3
Fund Equity Performance and Improvement Teams (one time) 3
Fund California-Grown School Meals Program (one time) 2
Develop electronic LCAP template and dashboard application (one time)   0.4
Subtotal  ($2,441)
Total Changes  $2,656
 2017-18 Enacted Spending $64,745
 a Applies 1.56 percent increase to special education, child nutrition, services for foster youth, adults in correctional facilities, and American Indian education. 
 LCFF = Local Control Funding Formula. LCAP = Local Control and Accountability Plan.