July 2020

Financial Aid

Changes in California Student Aid Commission Spending

2020-21 (In Millions)

Changes in Ongoing Spending  
Cal Grant adjustments Covers a 3.9 percent projected increase in recipients, partly due to more students expected to gain eligibility as a result of the recession. Also accounts for a reduction in the CATC supplemental award for Cal Grant B recipients from $24 to $12. $86.5
State operations Provides $334,000 and six positions to comply with the National Voter Registration Act, as well as $294,000 and three positions to administer California Dreamer Service Incentive Grants.  0.6
Other financial aid program adjustments Reflects caseload changes in the Assumption Program of Loans for Education, Law Enforcement Personnel Dependents Scholarships, and John R. Justice Program. -0.6
Subtotal   ($86.6)
One-Time Initiatives    
Emergency aid for undocumented students Provides grants to undocumented students at CCC, CSU, and UC in response to COVID-19 emergency. Supported by unspent 2019-20 and 2020-21 funds redirected from the California Dreamer Service Incentive Grants. $15.0
Golden State Teacher Grants Provides scholarships of up to $20,000 to students pursuing special education teaching credentials who commit to working in specified schools. Supported by funds from the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Four positions (funded in the 2019-20 Budget Act) are provided for program administration. 15.0
Grant Delivery System modernization Completes an information technology replacement system used to administer financial aid programs. Also supports initial maintenance and operations costs for the new system. 5.3
Student loan work group Establishes a work group to research strategies designed to help students access beneficial loan, repayment, and debt forgiveness programs. 0.3
Subtotal   ($35.5)
Total   $122.1a
a These spending increases are offset by the removal of $29.5 million in prior-year one-time funds.
CATC = College Access Tax Credit. COVID-19 = coronavirus disease 2019. CCC = California Community Colleges. CSU = California State University. UC = University of California.