July 2020

K-12 Education

New Workload and Funding for the California Department of Education

Various Fund Sources (In Thousands)

Workload Change Positions Amounta Duration
Allocate and monitor federal CARES Act funding. -- $1,500 One time
Track implementation of changes for charter school petitions and renewals. Pursuant to Chapter 486 of 2019 (AB 1505, O'Donnell). 3 696 Ongoing
Support new workload related to deferrals and average daily attendance changes. Pursuant to Chapter 24 of 2020 (SB 98, Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review). 3 336 Ongoing
Fund Instructional Quality Commission to update curriculum frameworks for visual and performing arts, world languages, and mathematics. Also fund the development of a model curriculum in ethnic studies. Pursuant to Chapter 647 of 2016 (AB 2862, O'Donnell), Chapter 643 of 2016 (AB 2290, Santiago), and Chapter 327 of 2016 (AB 2016, Alejo). -- 335 One time
Convene a Young People's Task Force to develop guidance on culturally competent interactions between school resource officers and students. Contingent on future legislation. -- 200 One time
Increase reimbursement authority to support the administration of the California High School Proficiency Exam. Supported by special fund. -- 192 Ongoing
Develop a template for the learning continuity and attendance plan by August 1, 2020. Pursuant to Chapter 24 of 2020 (SB 98, Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review). -- 100 One time
Update and develop teacher training resources to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning students. Pursuant to Chapter 775 of 2019 (AB 493, Gloria). 0.5 77 Ongoing
Hire American Sign Language interpreter. 1 77 Ongoing
Provide security at State Board of Education and Instructional Quality Commission meetings. -- 50 One time
Establish a state team to support emergency preparedness and response for schools. 2 0 Ongoing
Total 9.5 $3,563  
a Unless otherwise specified, funding is non-Proposition 98 General Fund.  
CARES = Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security.