July 2021

K-12 Education

Other Changes in K-12 Education Spending

One-Time Non-Proposition 98 General Fund (In Millions)

 Program Action Amount
Facilities grants for early childhood education Provides facility grants to construct new, retrofit, or modernize preschool, transitional kindergarten, and full-day kindergarten classrooms. $490
School Facilities Program Funds the state share of costs for new school construction and modernization projects. 250
Educator credential fee waivers Waives first-time fees for new teachers and other credentialed school staff. 20
California Preschool Learning Foundations Provides funds to update a publication that describes the skills preschool children typically attain in school, and to develop educator resources. 10
California Subject Matter Project Funds teacher professional development on student learning recovery in core subject areas, as well as ethnic studies. 7
School climate surveys Provides training for school staff to interpret data from school climate surveys, especially assessing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students. 6
Special Olympics Supports school activities conducted by the Special Olympics. 6
Broadband Infrastructure Grants Funds grants to expand fiber broadband to ten schools identified as poorly connected. 5
Computer Science Educator Workforce Investment Grant Supports statewide professional development in computer science for teachers and paraprofessionals. 5
LGBTQ+ cultural competency training Supports development of online training platform for school staff to support LGBTQ+ students. 2
Teacher preparation program updates Provides grants for teacher preparation programs to align curriculum with new expectations for teaching students with disabilities, including dyslexia. 2
Integrated teaching practices Funds grants to support schools integrating academic, behavioral, and social-emotional teaching practices. 2
Mental health training Provides training on student mental and behavioral health for school staff. 2
 Total   $807
COVID-19 = coronavirus diseases 2019. LGBTQ+ = lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and others.