July 2021

K-12 Education

New Workload and Funding for the California Department of Education (CDE)

(In Thousands)

Workload Change Positions Amount Duration
Federal Funds      
Fund state administrative costs related to providing federal reimbursements for child nutrition operating costs during the pandemic. -- $2,573 One-time
Support monitoring and evaluation of districts' use of Title I funds under Every Student Succeeds Act. -- 1,195 Ongoing
Extend spending authority to fund violence prevention and mental health training programs for students and staff, and to provide state-level support on school safety and suicide prevention. -- 420 One-time
Support identification of schools eligible for comprehensive support and improvement under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act. 3 391 Ongoing
Administer the Comprehensive Literacy State Development Grant. 1 292 Ongoing
Conduct monitoring and provide technical assistance to schools receiving federal Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant. 2 282 Ongoing
Address special education complaints and perform court-ordered special education monitoring. 6 215 One-time
Enhance system compatibility between Migrant Student Information Network and the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System. 1 136 Ongoing
Collect annual school-level per-pupil expenditure data to meet new federal requirements. 1 116 Ongoing
Non-Proposition 98 General Fund      
Backfill positions shifting to the Department of Social Services to ensure CDE has sufficient staff to administer remaining programs. 83 12,598 Ongoing
Fund existing authorized administrative positions. -- 6,363 Ongoing
Contract to provide direct deposit to State Preschool contractors, beginning in January 1, 2022. -- 6,000 One-time
Support workload associated with early learning programs. 16.7 4,574a Varies
Support comprehensive after school and expanded learning opportunities. 14 1,653 Ongoing
Support increased litigation costs related to COVID-19.   1,200 One-time
Coordinate development and establish a central platform for model curricula related to the Vietnamese American refugee experience, Cambodian genocide, Hmong history, and Native American studies. -- 1,031 One-time
Support School Fiscal Services Division workload related to school funding calculations, attendance waiver reviews, technical assistance, grant implementation, expanded learning program, and transitional kindergarten. 8 1,028 Ongoing
Establish new Office of School-Based Health. 5 700 Ongoing
Develop an online training platform to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning students. Establish advisory committee to inform development of training. -- 598 One-time
Support statewide expansion of transitional kindergarten programs. 3.5b 530c Varies
Implement new formula-driven programs. 3 425 Ongoing
Support increased workload in CDE Accounting Office. 3 376 Ongoing
Fund Instructional Quality Commission to complete the ethnic studies model curriculum and mathematics curriculum framework update. -- 294 One-time
Support implementation of universal school meals program. 2 286d Ongoing
Support various educator professional development programs. 2 286 Ongoing
Support increased workload for California State Preschool Program. 2 273 Ongoing
Establish a state team to support emergency preparedness and response for schools. -- 264 Ongoing
Provide statewide coordination to implement computer science content standards adopted in 2018. 1 250 Ongoing
Support Community Schools Partnership Grant Program. 2 241 Ongoing
Collect attendance for transitional kindergarten. 1 155 Ongoing
Support the California Healthy Kids Survey and social-emotional learning professional development. 1 143 Ongoing
Coordinate with various stakeholders to support the Medi-Cal Billing Option Program. 1 143 Ongoing
Develop a data collection system that tracks schools affected by emergencies. 1 136 Ongoing
Implement Standardized Account Code Structure web-based application. 1 130 Ongoing
Total 164 $45,297  
a Funding reduced to $4.3 million starting in 2022-23.
b Positions reduced to 2.5 starting in 2024-25.
c Funding increases to $538,000 for 2022-23 and 2023-24. Funding reduced to $425,000 starting in 2024-25.
d For 2022-23 and 2023-24, $3.9 million and 29.5 positions are available, in addition to ongoing funding.
COVID-19 = coronavirus disease 2019.