July 2021

Higher Education

Workforce Development Programs Funded in the 2021-22 Budget

2021-22 Funding (In Millions)

Agency Program/Inititiavea Description One Time Ongoing Total  Fund Source
Higher Education   $1,075 $70 $1,145  
CSAC Golden State Education and Training Grants New initiative to provide a grant to workers displaced by the pandemic seeking education and training. $500b $500 ARP, GF
CSAC Learning-Aligned Employment Program New initiative supporting employment opportunities first-generation and foster youth students at CCC, CSU, and UC. The employment opportunities must align with students' area of study or career interest. 500c 500 GF
CSU CSU Northridge Center for Equity in Innovation and Technology New facility for activities to address equity gaps among underrepresented students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. 25 25 GF
UC California Institutes for Science and Innovation Expansion of existing program to support student employment and research opportunities. 20 20 GF
CCC High Road Training Partnerships and Regional Partnerships New initiative to provide grants to community colleges that participate in these training partnerships. 20 20 P98
CSU CSU Monterey Bay Computing Talent Initiative New state-funded initiative intended to strengthen the technology workforce pipeline, with an emphasis on increasing diversity within the industry. 10 10 GF
CCC Strong Workforce Program Expansion of existing program (17 percent base increase) that supports community colleges in offering workforce training and engaging in regional planning. 42 42 P98
CCC California Apprenticeship Initiative Expansion of existing program that supports new apprenticeship programs in industry sectors that have not traditionally used the apprenticeship model (such as health care and information technology).   15 15 P98
UC Programs in Medical Education Expansion of existing program to support medical student enrollment growth and enhance equity-based medical education programs. 13 13 GF
Labor     $971 $971  
LWDA Community Economic Resilience Fund New initiative providing grants to regional collaboratives that address the administration's climate-transition goals. Funds aim to generate jobs in emerging energy and climate mitigation fields and help regions transition out of legacy fields. $600 $600 ARP
CWDB High Road Training Partnerships Expansion of existing apprenticeship programs in construction, healthcare, information technology, trade, agriculture, manufacture, education, hospitality, janitorial, and utilities industries. 100 100 GF
CWDB Specialized local workforce programs Establishes a variety of specialized local workforce development programs. 71 71 GF
CWDB Regional equity and recovery partnerships New initiatives to increase collaboration between CWDB, regional workforce development boards, and CCC. 60 60 GF
EDD Employment Training Panel Expansion of existing incumbent worker training program to include public-sector employers. Also would newly direct the panel to fund apprenticeship programs. 50 50 GF
CWDB Breaking Barriers to Employment Continues a program that provides supplementary services to individuals either preparing to enter or already enrolled in workforce and education programs. 30 30 GF
CWDB Prison to Employment Continues a program that helps justice-involved individuals reenter society and the labor force. 20 20 GF
EDD Employment Training Panel New initiative supporting employee training programs via contract education at CCC. 15 15 GF
CWDB Implementation costs State operations to support proposed grant programs. 15 15 GF
CWDB High Road Construction Careers Apprenticeships Expansion of state's existing apprenticeship program, supporting 2,000 housing construction apprenticeship positions. 10 10 GF
Other     $606 $606  
DGS K-16 regional collaboratives New initiative to create regional collaboratives (of schools, community colleges, and universities) that develop additional educational pathways in health care, education, business management, and engineering/computing. $250 $250 GF
OPR California Volunteers: Youth Workforce Development New initiative to provide grants to local governments to encourage summer employment for youth in service work in their communities. 185 185 ARP
OPR Californians For All College Service Program New initiative to provide service opportunities for documented and undocumented students at CCC, CSU, and UC. A participating student could receive a total of up to $10,000 in stipend and scholarship support. 146d 146 ARP, GF
OPR California Volunteers: student coaches New initiative to support approximately 500 opportunities for AmeriCorp members to coach K-12 students and collaborate with teachers. 15 15 GF
CDFA New Farmer Training and Farm Manager Apprenticeships Program New initiative to support organizations to expand existing farmer training programs and/or agricultural apprenticeship programs, or develop new training programs for farmworkers and farm managers. 10e 10 GF
Totals     $2,652 $70 $2,722  
a Excludes workforce development programs administered by health and human services agencies.    
b Funding split is $472.5 million ARP and $27.5 million GF.        
c Includes $300 million provided in 2022-23.        
d Funding split is $127.5 million ARP and $18.8 million GF.        
e Includes $5 million provided in 2022-23.         
CSAC = California Student Aid Commission; ARP = American Rescue Plan; GF = General Fund; P98 = Proposition 98 General Fund; LWDA = Labor and Workforce Development Agency; CWDB = California Workforce Development Board; EDD = Employment Development Department; DGS = Department of General Services; OPR = Office of Planning and Research; and CDFA = California Department of Food and Agriculture.