January 2022

Proposition 98 Overview

Governor's Budget Contains $17.7 Billion in Proposition 98 Spending Proposals

(In Millions)

K-12 Education  
Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELOP) $3,400
LCFF Growth and COLA (5.33 percent) 2,106
New LCFF adjustment for declining enrollment 1,200
Transitional Kindergarten expansion 639
Universal school meals implementation 596
Special Education base rates 500
Transitional Kindergarten lower staffing ratios 383
COLA for select categorical programs (5.33 percent)a 352
State Preschool adjustment factor for students with disabilities 198
Annualization of State Preschool rate increases 166
After school program ratesb 149
Charter school facilities upgrades 30
California College Guidance Initiative 9
Personnel Management Assistance Teams 5
Agricultural vocational education 2
Subtotal ($9,735)
Career pathways development $1,500
Green school bus grants 1,500
ELOP arts and music infrastructure 937
Literacy coaches and reading specialists 500
Inclusive Early Education Expansion Program 500
Dual enrollment access 500
School kitchen upgrades 450
Multilingual classroom libraries 200
Training on early identification of learning disabilities 60
Model curricula development 14
California College Guidance Initiative 4
School breakfast start-up grants 3
Subtotal ($6,169)
Total K-12 Education $15,904
California Community Colleges  
COLA for apportionments (5.33 percent) $409
Part-Time Faculty Health Insurance Program 200
Student Success Completion Grants (caseload adjustment) 100
COLA for select categorical programs (5.33 percent)c 53
Technology security 25
Enrollment growth (0.5 percent) 25
Equal Employment Opportunity program 10
Financial aid administration 10
NextUp foster youth program 10
A2MEND program 1
Subtotal ($843)
Facilities maintenance and instructional equipment $388
Student enrollment and retention strategies 150
Health care pathways for English learners 130
Common course numbering implementation 105
Technology security 75
Transfer reform implementation 65
Intersegmental curricular pathways software 25
STEM and health care pathways grant program 20
Emergency financial assistance for AB 540 students 20
Teacher Credentialing Partnership Program 5
Umoja program study d
Subtotal ($983)
Total California Community Colleges $1,826
Total Spending Proposals $17,730
a Applies to the Foster Youth Program, American Indian Early Childhood Education, Special Education, State Preschool, Child Nutrition, Child and Adult Care Food Program, Charter School Facility Grant Program, American Indian Education Centers, and K-12 Mandates Block Grant.
b Backfills rate increases for After School Education and Safety Program and 21st Century Community Learning Centers programs that were provided in 2021-22 with one-time federal funds.
c Applies to the Adult Education Program, apprenticeship programs, CalWORKs student services, campus child care support, Disabled Students Programs and Services, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, and mandates block grant.
Reflects $179,000.
COLA = Cost of Living Adjustment. LCFF = Local Control Funding Formula. A2MEND = African American Male Education Network and Development. STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. AB = Assembly Bill.