July 2017

Higher Education

Funding for Major Workforce Education and Training Programs in California

2017-18 (In Millions)

Program Agency State General Fund    Other Fund Sourcesa Total Funding
Apportionments for workforce education and training CCC $ 2,285b $2,285
Adult Education Block Grant CDE/CCC 500 500
Career Technical Education Incentive Grants CDE 200c 200
CalWORKs employment and training services DSS 274 $920 1,194
CCC Strong Workforce Program CCC 248 248
Office of Correctional Education programs CDCR 215 215
Office of Offender Services workforce programsd CDCR 184 43 227
Vocational Rehabilitation CDR 62 367 429
Apprenticeships CDE/CCC 55 55
CCC Student Services for CalWORKs Recipients CCC 44 44
Core Training Program Corps 44 54 98
Project Workability for students in special education CDE 40 40
Economic and Workforce Development Program CCC 23 23
California Partnership Academies CDE 21 21
Adults in Correctional Facilities (Jail Ed) CDE 15 15
CTE Pathways Program CDE 15 15
Nursing program support CCC 13 13
Specialized Secondary Programs CDE 5 5
Library Literacy and English Acquisition Program CSL 5 5
Agriculture Incentive Grants CDE 4 4
Supervised Population Workforce Training Grant Program EDD 2 2
Adult, Youth, and Dislocated Worker Services (WIOA Title I) EDD 390 390
Wagner-Peyser Employment Services (WIOA Title III) EDD 128 128
Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act CDE/CCC 122 122
Adult Education and Family Literacy Program (WIOA Title II) CDE/CCC 95 95
Employment Training Panel EDD 78 78
CalFresh Employment and Training Program DSS 64 64
Jobs for Veterans State Grant EDD 20 20
CDE Student Services for CalWORKs Recipients CDE 10 10
Road Repair and Accountability Act pre-apprenticeships CWDB 5 5
Proposition 39 pre-apprenticeships CWDB 3 3
Offender Development programs CalPIA 2 2e 4
Totals   $4,257 $2,299 $6,556
a Largely federal funds with some special funds.
b Extrapolated from best available data. Assumes community colleges spend one-third of apportionment funding on core adult education areas.
c Reflects third-year funding for three-year, $900 million grant program. Grantees are matching with $1.3 billion in local funds over the same period.
d Reflects funding for wraparound services, which include workforce education and training.
e Funded through sale of CalPIA goods. Assumes program will sell the same value of goods as in 2015-16.
CCC = California Community Colleges. CDE = California Department of Education. CDCR = California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. CDR = California Department of Rehabilitation. CSL = California State Library. CalPIA = California Prison Industrial Authority. Corps = California Conservation Corps. DSS = California Department of Social Services. EDD = California Employment Development Department. Energy = California Energy Commission. WIOA = Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.